CXJ Series Hydrapurge



1. It is mainly used in pulp and paper industry wasle paper Lrealment process, processes Lhe pulp which is
pulped by high consistency pulper, collects and concentrates impurities in the pulp, so as to reduce the
burden on screening and cleaning equipment in the subsequent process.
2. Match with high-consistency pulper, it can shorten the processing cycle, avoid impurity refinement, and
improve the production capacity of the pulping system.
3. The optimized shell design enhances the ability to capture impurities.

The main technical parameters

Model CXJ1 CXJ2 CXJ3
Equipment volume: m³ 1 2.5 5
Throughput: L/min 8000-13000 15000-20000 22000- 30000
Pulp inlet consistency: % 4-5
Motor power: kw 37 75 160



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