300t Double Layer Wire Kraft Paper Liner Paper Machine

We provide papermaking equipment for customers, the technical parameters are as follows. The paper machine has a production capacity of 300T.

300t Double Layer Kraft Paper Liner Paper Machine

1. Types of papermaking: Kraft paper/linerboard
2. Basis weight: 80-240g/m²
3. Net paper width: 4300mm
4. Roll width: 4360mm
5. Headbox lip width: 4650mm
6. Design speed: 500m/min
7. Balance speed: 600m/min (rotating parts)
8. Working speed: 400-450m/min
9. Crawl speed: 25m/min
10. Gauge: 5500mm (set at design time)

We have developed in the field of papermaking technology for many years. Provide paper production line equipment and technical support for domestic and foreign customers. Need to know more, please email to consult our professionals.
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