2400mm Double Layer kraft Paper Machine

Double layer kraft Paper Machine is mainly used for producing cardboard paper by large and complex project. Double layer kraft Paper Machine has high output and efficiency. The professional and advanced layer liner cardboard paper machines could be provided by leizhan if you plan to make paper like kraft Paper.

2400mm Double Layer kraft Paper Machine Main Specifications

Paper Grade: Cardboard paper, Kraftliner paper, Packaging paper
Trimmed Width: 2400mm
Basis Weight: 80-200g/m²
Operating Speed: 120m/min
Production Capacity: 20-30tpd
Transmission mode: Ac Frequency Conversion, Step by Step Transmission

Our company has more than forty years experience in producing paper machine. There are many experienced technicians and advanced equipment in our company. The technology you need would be completely provided for you in time. So you can use our machine with no worry. Any interest, please contact: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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