Paper Pulp Screening Equipment


Paper pulp screening equipment is for pulp coarse and fine screening in paper pulping process, so what factors will influence pulp screening equipment for fully screening?

Pulp Screening Equipment Influence Factors

1. Pulp concentration: In the low concentration range (less than 1%), properly increasing pulp concentration, it is easy to form a certain degree of interweaving network to prevent the passage of impurities, so the pulp screening equipment efficiency is high.

2. Inlet and output pressure difference: It is generally believed that the size of the inlet pressure has little effect on pulp screening efficiency.

3. Deslagging rate: Generally speaking, increasing deslagging rate can reduce the chance of coarse impurities passing through the screen holes, thereby increasing the pulp screening equipment efficiency, but the fiber loss also increases.

4. Rotor Speed: Speeding up rotor Speed, although it can increase production capacity and screening efficiency of pulp cleaner equipment, but large power consumption.

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