100T/D Cardboard Paper Making Machine

100T/D Cardboard Paper Making Machine is a large cardboard paper machine, It can make cardboard paper 60-220 tons per day. High efficiency is that many paper mills choose to buy 100T/D Cardboard Paper Making Machine, and most of them give good reviews. For cardboard paper production line, Leizhan can also supply whole set of pulping equipment like D Type Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Drum Screen, etc.

100T/D Cardboard Paper Making Machine Information

Final product: Cardboard paper
Raw materials: waste paper, waste carton
Cutting width: 1092-4400mm
Quantitative copy made: 60-220g/m²
Production capacity: 20-460T/D
Working speed: 100-800m/min

Leizhan now has successfully developed the marketable high consitency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen and D type Hydrapulper, and become the leader manufaturer in this area for the domestic market. Contact us for more information.
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