Gray Cardboard Making Machine

Gray Cardboard Making Machine consists of headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, reeling section, etc.
Headbox: Air cushion type headbox. It consists of pulp distribution device, pulp evening device, lip device, box and support.
Wire section:  Dewater initially and form even wet paper.
Press section:The dryness after press section is about 25-42%
Drying section:  The dryness after drying section is 92-95%. This section consists of several groups dryer cylinders. There is a gas hood to prevent steam evaporating.
Sizing machine:  It is used to improve the physical properties of paper.

Gray Cardboard Making Machine Technical Parameters

1. Output paper: gray cardboard
2. Raw material: waste paper
3. Capacity: 20-330T/D
4. Trimmed width: 1580-5800mm
5. Output paper weight: 70-220g/m²
6. Working speed: 200-800m/min

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