Conical Refiner Manufacturer

Conical Refiner is mainly used for continuous beating of wood pulp, mechanical pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc. This machine can effectively improve the beating degree of pulp, and it is a popular beating equipment at present. In addition, Conical Refiner can be used in tandem with Double Disc Refiner.

Features of High Efficiency Conical Refiner

1. The gap in the refiner zone of the Conical Refiner is stable, and the quality of the slurry is high;
2. The Conical Refiner has a long refinement zone, fully processed and finer, and has a strong ability to cut fibers;
3. The Conical Refiner adopts a constant power control system, and the beating effect is stable;
4. The rotor and stator of the Conical Refiner have a variety of tooth shapes, and the raw materials can be used in a wide range.

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