Double Disc Refiner In Paper Production Line

The double disc refiner is very important in the paper mill production line. Customers like Leizhan’s double disc refiner very much. The double disc refiner produced by Leizhan has the characteristics of good pulping effect, high production efficiency, low power consumption, etc., and its sales volume is very high.

Main Information About Double Disc Refiner

1. The double disc refiner can be applied as a single machine or multiple units in series or parallel.
2. The double disc gear grinding machine is equipped with disc advance and retract device to adjust the gap.
3. The double disc refiner has a wide range of raw materials and high applicability.
Customers can choose different models of double disc refiner according to the needs of the paper mill. In addition to double disc refiner, we also manufacture other paper and pulping equipment. If you would like more information, please contact us.
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