New Double Disc Refiner In Paper Production Line

The double disc refiner produced by Leizhan adopts a single input and double output refining method to provide the efficiency of the paper making production line. The double disc refiner is very convenient to disassemble the grinding discs and is easy to maintain. It is mechanically sealed and has a clean working environment.

Main Information Of Double Disc Refiner

1. The double disc refiner is suitable for various types of pulp and can meet the requirements of different paper machine production processes.
2. By accurately adjusting the refining process parameters, pulp output with stable quality can be obtained and the quality index of paper can be improved.
3. Double disc refiner adopts advanced technology and can complete the refining process faster, thereby reducing energy consumption and production costs.
Leizhan provides various models of double disc refiners. If you are interested in our double disc refiner or pulping equipment, please contact us via email for more information.
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