Pulp Pump In Waste Paper Paper Making Line

Leizhan is a well known pulping equipment manufacturer in the paper making industry, providing various types of pulping equipment. The pulp pump produced by Leizhan are of very good quality and are very easy to install. Many customers’ paper mills have applied Leizhan’s pulp pumps.

Main Information Of Pulp Pump

1. The pulp pump can quickly and evenly transport pulp to downstream equipment, improving production efficiency.
2. The pulp pump is made of corrosion-resistant material, which can adapt to the transportation requirements of different pulps and improve its service life.
3. The pulp pump has a simple and compact structure, small footprint, and easy installation and maintenance.
As a well known pulping equipment supplier, Leizhan provides very advanced pulping equipment and paper making technology, which causes little environmental pollution. If you are interested in our pulping equipment and paper machine production lines, please contact us via email for more information.
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