Pulping Equipment D Type Hydrapulper For Sale

The rotor of the D type hydrapulper produced by Leizhan is offset from the center position, which makes the contact between the pulp and the rotor faster and more frequent. It changes the operating mode of the traditional pulper and shortens the pulping time, which can bring greater benefits to the paper mill.

Main Information Of D Type Hydrapulper

1.D type hydrapulper consists of D type tank body, rotor, legs, driving mechanism and motor
2.The rotor of the D type hydrapulper has more frequent contact with the pulp and is more efficient
3.D type hydrapulper has little wear and long working time, which can extend the service life of the rotor

D type hydrapulper produced by Leizhan adopts the latest technology and is very efficient and energy-saving. If you want to know more about pulper, please contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information.
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