Small Scale Kraft Paper Mill Multi-Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

Multi-Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine is used to produce corrugated paper and Liner board paper, with a net paper width of 2600mm, a production capacity of 30-40t/d, and a design speed of 140m/min.

Paper Mill Papermaking Machinery

We specialize in providing production equipment for paper mills, including the following items:
1. Tissue paper project: tissue paper machine, toilet paper machine, paper line.
2. Kraft paper project: kraft paper machine, testliner paper machine, paper making line.
3. Corrugated paper project: corrugated paper machine, fluting paper machine, paper production line.
4. Paper board project: duplex paper board machine, grey paper board machine, whole paper line.
5. Office paper project: A4 paper machine, copy paper machine, paper production line.

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