Surface Sizing Of Paper Machine Sizing Part

The function of sizing in the papermaking process is to improve the water resistance of the paper. We provide a full range of services for our customers in papermaking, the following are the characteristics of the sizing department of the paper machine.

Surface Sizing Features And Advantages

1) Improve the printing performance of paper and board;
2) The surface strength or water resistance of paper can be improved by selecting different types of surface sizing agents;
3) Improve the physical strength of paper and cardboard;
4) Surface sizing can reduce the difference between the two sides of the paper;
5) Not affected by the water quality and temperature of papermaking, the sizing effect is relatively stable;
6) The glue retention effect is good, and the sizing cost is low;
7) When used together with internal sizing, it can make up for some defects of internal sizing.

We provide equipment and technical support of the sizing department for many paper mills, please contact us for more details and quotations about the sizing machine.

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