100tpd Single Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

The production capacity of 100tpd single fourdrinier corrugated paper machine can reach 150t/d (calculated according to 120g, 250m, 24 hours). We also provide 50tpd corrugated paper production lines for small paper mills and 500-600tpd production lines for large paper mills.

Corrugated Paper Machine Wire Part

wire width 3000mm
Headbox spout 2850mm
Wet paper width of wire part 2700mm
Shrink 4%
Water needle cut edge width 75mm
Roll paper width 2560mm
Finished paper width 2500mm
Rewinding trim width 30mm

We supply corrugated paper production lines to paper mills, and the finished paper is high-strength corrugated paper rolls. Contact us for production line details and equipment configuration.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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