150t/d Bobbin Paper Machine

bobbin paper; cone paper; cop tube paper; textile spool paper machine

We provide customers with bobbin paper machines with a capacity of 150t/d, which are used in the spinning industry, firecracker factories, etc. to make various paper cores and paper tubes. Below is the range of bobbin machines we can offer.

Bobbin Paper Machine Details

1.Trimmed width: 1575-4800mm
2.Basis weight: 350-1000gsm
3.Operating speed:80-200m/min
4.Production capacity: 50-500t/d

Leizhan is a manufacturer that designs and manufactures paper machines and pulping equipment. Our company has strong technical force and reasonable process design. It is the earliest enterprise producing papermaking equipment in China. Email us for more details and prices of bobbin paper machines.
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