180-250g/m2 Coated Whiteboard Paper Machine

Coated whiteboard paper machine mainly produces paperboard with good stiffness and folding endurance, which is used to make packaging boxes after single-sided color printing.

Technical Parameters Of The Paper Machine

1.Net paper width: 3800mm
2.Basis weight: 180-250g/m2
3.Design speed: 300m/min
4.Working speed: 200-250m/min
5.Output capacity: 260-300t/d
6.Coating amount: 5-20 g/m2 (each time)
7.Paper type: coating white board paper, packaging paper, etc.

Leizhan provides coated whiteboard paper machine production lines for many paper mills. There are also other packaging paper machine, such as kraft paper, gray board paper, cardboard, duplex board paper, etc. Leizhan provides a complete production line. Welcome to contact us for more details and prices.
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