1880mm Printing Paper Making Production Machine

In the digital era, the demand for high-quality printing paper continues to grow. In order to meet market demand, paper mills have increasingly higher requirements for paper machines. Leizhan’s 1800mm printing paper machines use precision technology to ensure that every paper produced meets the highest quality standards.

Detailed information Of 1880mm Printing Paper Making Production Machine

Paper type: A4 paper, printing paper, etc
Trimmed width: 1880mm
Capacity: 20tpd
Basis weight: 50-120gsm
Design speed: 130m/min
Working speed: 80-120m/min
Gauge: 2900mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency segmented drive

As a leader in the papermaking machinery industry, Leizhan has been committed to developing and producing high-quality, high-efficiency paper making equipment. Welcome to contact us for more details about 1800mm printing paper machine. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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