2500mm Three Layer Wire Multi-cylinder Paper Machine

2500mm Three Layer Wire Multi-cylinder Paper Machine, which is mainly used to produce 100-250g/m2 cardboard paper, etc. All products are roll paper.

Main Technical Parameters Of Paper Machine

1.Paper Grade: Kraft paper, Liner cardboard paper
2.Basis weight: 90-220g/m2
3.Trimmed width: 2500mm
4.Production capacity: 150t/d
5.Design speed: 400m/min
6.Wire width: 3000mm
7.Headbox lip width: 2850mm
8.Gauge: 3600mm

Leizhan has more than 42 years of production experience in paper machinery. We can provide production lines of packaging paper machines such as greyboard paper, bobbin paper, corrugated paper and kraft paper, welcome to contact us for specific information and prices.
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