25T/18H Testliner Paper Making Pulping Line

Leizhan’s 25T/18H testliner paper making pulping line adopts the most advanced pulping technology. Our pulping line can ensure the uniform quality and stable performance of T-paper, making your T-paper more competitive in the market.

25T/18H Testliner Paper Making Pulping Line Equipment

Chain conveyor: Feeding capacity: 60-220m3/h; Motor power: 5.5KW
D type hydrapulper: Production capacity: 320-60t/d; Consistency=3-4%; Motor power: 75KW
Pulp pump: Q=160m³/h; Suction height=30m; Motor power: 18.5KW
High density cleaner: Consistency=3~5%; Throughput: 3000~4500L/min
Conicalrefiner: Consistency=3~5%; Motor power: 110KW
Double disc refiner: Consistency=3~5%; Motor power: 110KW
White water tank: Q=400m3/h, H=18m; Motor power: 37KW
Inflow pressure screen: Consistency=0.3~0.5%; Motor power: 15KW

Leizhan is committed to environmentally friendly paper making and pulping. Our pulping lines adopt sustainable production processes to reduce energy consumption and provide customers with environmentally friendly and sustainable paper making solutions. If you also want to build a pulping line, please contact us for more details and price. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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