3800mm Coated Whiteboard Paper Machine

Leizhan provides coated whiteboard paper machines with a width of 3800mm and a production capacity of 260-300t/d. Compared with other paper grades, the coated whiteboard paper machine needs to add processes such as a size machine and a calender. The following are the technical parameters of the paper machine.

Technical Parameters Of The Paper Machine

1.Basis weight: 180-250g/m2
2.Design speed: 300m/min
3.Working speed: 200-250m/min
4.Output capacity: 260-300t/d
5.Coating amount: 5-20 g/m2 (each time)
6.Coating solid content: 58-60%
7.Coating amount error: 5% (coating amount)

Leizhan has a dedicated technical department to customize production line solutions for customers. Welcome to tell us your raw materials, output and gsm requirements. We have professionals to provide more professional services.
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