4200mm High Quality Corrugated Paper Machine

This high quality corrugated paper machine has a net paper width of 4200mm. The customer purchased the 4200mm corrugated paper machine production line. Under the full technical guidance of Leizhan, the paper machine has been put into production and is running well.

Main Data Of 4200mm Corrugated Paper Machine

1.Output paper: corrugated paper, carton paper
2.Net paper width: 4200mm
3.Gram weight: 80-150gsm
4.Design speed: 350m/min
5.Working speed: 300-350m/min
6.Production capacity: 200t/d
7.Gauge: 5300mm

We can provide high quality corrugated paper machine with a width of 1575-5800mm. All our products can provide ISO9001:2000 and BV certification. Products are loved by customers. Contact us for more information you want to know.
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