500T Double Layer Wire Corrugated Paper Machine

500T double layer wire corrugated paper machine consists of two headboxes, double layer wire forming, press part, drying part, hood part, sizing machine, mechanical transmission part, compressed air system, lubricating system, hydraulic system, foundation part, reeling machine, etc. Leizhan will introduce the main structure of the 500T double layer wire corrugated paper machine to you.

The Main Structure Of Paper Machine

1. Headbox 2 sets
2. Wire part
3. Press part
4. Drying part
5. Steam hood
6. Sizing machine
7. 1 calender
8. Horizontal pneumatic reel: 1 set
9. Mechanical transmission (the power is preliminary value)
10. Compressed air system
11. Lubrication system
12. Hydraulic system (3 sets)
13. Foundation part
14. Electrical transmission part
15. Broken paper slurry machine

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