50T/D Corrugated Paper Machine

Leizhan provides 50T/D corrugated paper machines for paper mills. The structure of the 50T/D corrugated paper machine is composed of fourdrinier wire forming section, pressing section, drying section, reeling machine, foundation section, paper machine auxiliary system and other parts. The following are the detailed technical parameters of the paper machine.

Technical Data Of Paper Machine

1. Paper grade: high-strength corrugated paper, kraft paper
2. Basis weight: 100-160g/m²
3. Trimmed width: 2800mm
4. Roll width: 2860mm
5. Headbox lip width: 3100mm
6. Design speed: 150m/min
7. Working speed: 80-130m/min
8. Crawling speed: 25m/min
9. Gauge: 3800mm

We have been in the paper machinery industry for more than 42 years and can provide a complete set of 50t/d corrugated pulping equipment and 50t/d corrugated paper machines. Welcome to contact us for details and quotation.
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