5200mm Corrugated Paper Machine

The corrugated paper machine from Zhengzhou Leizhan is a versatile and high-performance equipment tailored for the production of corrugated cardboard, a popular choice for packaging applications. The corrugated paper machine is engineered with precision to ensure consistent corrugated board formation, resulting in high-quality packaging materials with excellent strength and durability.

Technical Parameters of 5200mm Corrugated Paper Machine

Paper type: Corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper, etc.
Raw material: Waste paper, wood pulp, etc.
Capacity: 350t/d
Basis weight: 90–150g/㎡
Net paper width: 5200mm
Working speed: 550m/min
Driving type: AC frequency conversion sectional drive

With advanced quality control mechanisms, the corrugated paper machine ensures that every batch of corrugated board meets stringent industry standards, providing customers with reliable and consistent paper making solutions. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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