5200mm Double Layer Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

5200mm double layer fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine is mainly used to produce high-strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper, T paper. According to the actual situation and specific requirements of customers, Leizhan provides customers with solutions for paper machines. The following are the specifications.

Main Specifications Of Paper Machine

1.Main products: high-strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper, T paper
2.Basis weight: high tile paper 90~250g/m2
3.Production capacity: 500–550t/d
4.Trimmed width: 5200mm
5.Roll paper width: 5260mm
6.Headbox lip width: 5600mm
7.Wire width: 5750mm
8.Gauge: 5600mm

If you need to set a paper mill, or open a new paper production line, Leizhan can provide a complete paper machine and pulp production line. Welcome to inquire.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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