5600mm Double-wire Multi-cylinder Paper Machine

5600mm double-wire multi-cylinder high corrugated paper machine is mainly used to produce 80-180g/m2 high-strength corrugated paper, T paper, etc. The products are all roll paper.

Main Specifications Of 5600mm Corrugated Paper Machine

1.Basis weight: 80-180g/m2
2.Net paper width: 5600mm
3.Production capacity: 500t/d (95g, 650m)
4.Working speed: 650m/min
5.Design speed: 700m/min

Leizhan provides 5600mm corrugated paper machines for paper mills, and can also provide production equipment for the entire corrugated paper pulping line. And tailor-made solutions for customers. Send your request by email, there will be professional reply.
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