Calender For Paper Making Project

In the paper manufacturing process, the flatness and smoothness of the paper are key factors that directly affect the quality of the paper. In order to meet the market demand for high-quality paper, calenders have become indispensable process equipment.

Features Of Calender For Paper Making Project

1. The calender adopts an advanced pressure control system to ensure stable and accurate pressure control, so that the paper can obtain a uniform calendering effect.
2. The calender roller is made of high-quality materials, with a smooth and wear-resistant surface, and is not prone to wear and deformation after long-term operation.
3. Our calenders also have automatic adjustment functions, which can adapt to the processing requirements of different papers and provide efficient and stable performance.

Leizhan’s calenders have won the trust and praise of customers in the paper making market with their efficient, stable performance and excellent features. Welcome to contact us for more details about calender.

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