Chain Conveyor Efficiently Transports Waste Paper

Chain conveyors are mainly used in the paper making industry to transport various bulk and bundled pulp boards and waste paper. Leizhan can provide customized design and production according to customer needs and paper mill layout, providing customers with an environment for efficient paper production.

Chain Conveyor Main Features

1. The groove plate is stamped to ensure its strength and impact resistance, reducing the frequency of breakdowns and maintenance, thereby providing continuous and stable material conveying services.
2. The upper part of the baffle plate adopts a widened design (400mm larger than the effective conveying width) to increase the throughput of waste paper materials and improve production efficiency.
3. Orbital operation, smooth and reliable operation, low power consumption, realizing energy-saving and environmentally friendly material transportation process, reducing energy consumption and production costs.

Our chain conveyors have been widely used in paper mills at home and abroad and have been highly recognized by customers. If your paper mill needs chain conveyor, feel free to contact us

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