Coated White Cardboard Paper Making Line

The coated white cardboard paper making production line includes two parts: pulp production line and paper making production line. The pulp machine is used to turn waste paper into fine pulp for paper shaping on the paper machine. However, the pulp used to make corrugated white cardboard is different from kraft paper and corrugated paper. It requires a surface layer pulp made of white shavings.

About Coated White Cardboard Paper Production Line

1.Pulp production line
First, the waste paper is sent to the pulper for pulping by a chain conveyor. Then the pulp enters the screening equipment to remove oversized and unnecessary particles from the good paper making fibers. Finally, the fine pulp will be screened again by inflow pressure screen and enter the headbox of the paper machine.
2.Paper machine production line
Formatting of paper sheet-Pressing-Sizing-Drying-Calendering-Reeling and Winding

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