Coating Board Paper Machine Production Line

We provide coating paper machines with a width of 2400~6600mm. If you need other special width coating paper production machines and production lines, you can communicate with us for further details.

Coating Board Paper Machine

1.Headbox(D-Holy Rolls Open type, D-Holy Rolls Air-cushion type, Hydraulic type)
2.Inverter form Wire Section(4 lays, 5lays)
3.Press Section(Vacuum Press, Jumbo Press, Gloss Press)
4.Dryer Section(Diameter 1.5m, 1.8m group Cylinder)
5.Hood(Open Hood, Closed Hood)
6.Sizing Press
7.Calender(Soft Nip, Hard Nip)
8.Coater(Front Coating, Back Coating)
9.Pope Reel
10.AC Inverter Sectional

We have more than 42 years of production experience in the production of paper machinery. Welcome to contact us for detailed parameters of each part of the paper machine.

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