Cylinder Mold For Paper Production

The cylinder mold is one of the important accessories of the paper machine, which directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the paper. The cylinder molds manufactured by Leizhan, with their excellent quality and performance, have become an important part of improving paper making production efficiency.

Features Of Cylinder Mold For Paper Production

  1. Our cylinder mold are carefully designed and have a reasonable structure, which can effectively support and guide wet paper, ensuring even distribution of pulp and improving paper quality.
  2. Our cylinder mold design works closely with the paper machine to ensure smooth passage of paper during the production process, reduce paper breakage and damage, and improve production efficiency.
  3. Made of high-quality materials and processed through strict processes, the cylinder mold has excellent durability and reliability and can operate stably for a long time.

Leizhan can provide various specifications and models of cylinder mold for paper machines, which are suitable for different types of paper machines and can meet the various needs of customers. Email

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