D Type Continuous Pulping System Of Pulping Line

As a manufacturer of pulping equipment and paper machines, Leizhan has been committed to providing efficient and high-quality products. Our D type continuous pulping system can remove impurities in the pulp from the pulper tank before it passes through the pulper screen plate, thereby reducing the content of impurities in the pulper, maintaining continuous pulping, and improving production capacity.

The Role Of Each Equipment In The D Type Continuous Pulping System

1. D type hydrapulper and sediment well are the main parts of the continuous pulping system.
2. The impurity separator regularly removes impurities from the pulper.
3. The drum screen mainly dehydrates and removes the residue cleaned by the impurity separator.
4. Ragger is used to remove large and entangled debris in D type pulper.
5. The rope cutter is used to cut off the entangled materials removed by the ragger to facilitate transportation.
6. The grapple is mainly used to remove heavy slag from the sediment well.

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