Double Disc Refiner of Pulping Production

The double disc refiner is a crucial component in pulping production, helping to break down pulp fibers and create a fine, uniform slurry that is essential for producing high-quality paper products. This innovative machine from Leizhan is designed with advanced technology and precision engineering to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

Features of Double Disc Refiner of Pulping Production

  1. One of the key features of the double disc refiner is its dual-disc design, which allows for simultaneous refining on both sides of the fiber material. This helps to ensure consistent refining results and superior pulp quality, leading to enhanced paper strength and durability.
  2. The double disc refiner is equipped with adjustable settings that allow for precise control over the refining process, enabling paper manufacturers to tailor their production to meet specific requirements.
  3. The double disc refiner adopts double-disc refining technology, which can grind the raw materials more evenly, making the refining effect better and improving the quality of pulp.

The double disc refiner from Leizhan is a must-have piece of equipment for paper mills looking to enhance their pulping production processes. Please feel free to contact us for more details of our double disc refiner. Email

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