Drum Pulper For Waste Paper Pulping

In the paper industry, high-efficiency, low-energy-consuming pulping equipment is crucial to improving production efficiency. The advanced drum pulper manufactured by Leizhan is designed to meet the demand for continuous crushing and coarse screening of raw materials in paper production.

Features Of Drum Pulper For Waste Paper Pulping

1. The drum pulper adopts a high-concentration (14`~18%) crushing process to effectively save energy. The continuous crushing characteristics make it more efficient in the pulping process, achieving green pulping for paper mills.
2. The integrated design of crushing and coarse screening makes the pulping process smoother and more efficient. Not only improves production efficiency, but also simplifies operating steps and reduces maintenance costs.
3. The drum pulper is widely suitable for the crushing of deinked pulp and non-deinked pulp, making it play an important role in the production of different types of paper and providing greater flexibility.

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