Drum pulper In Pulping Line

With Leizhan’s continuous innovation of paper making machinery technology, we are leading the future of the pulping industry. In order to meet the needs of the recycled paper market, we launched a drum pulper, which is specially designed for paper mill.

Features Of Drum Pulper

1. With its unique design, the drum pulper achieves continuous pulping at high concentration (14`~18%), greatly improving energy utilization efficiency, saving costs for paper mills while ensuring efficient production.
2. The drum pulper closely combines the two key steps of crushing and coarse screening to achieve integrated operation, greatly optimizing the pulping process and improving production efficiency.
3. The drum pulper’s crushing process is gentle and effective, and can efficiently remove impurities from waste paper raw materials, ensuring that the pulp produced is of superior quality and meets strict quality standards.

Our drum pulper is not only an ideal choice for efficient processing of waste paper raw materials, but also a powerful assistant to improve pulping efficiency. Welcome to contact us for more details about drum pulper. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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