Drying Part In 3600mm Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

The drying part plays an important role in 3600mm crescent former tissue paper machine. The working principle of 3600mm crescent former tissue paper machine is: Φ3600 dryer cylinder, single transmission and equipped with closed type hot air hood, 2 pieces of wrinkle doctor balde, 1 piece of clean doctor blade .Pressured way is air cylinder pressure. Our company Leizhan supplies set of tissue paper making line machine for paper mill.

The Role Of Paper Machine Drying Part

1. After the press part, the moisture of the wet paper is removed, and the dryness of the finished paper is increased to 92-95%.
2. Improve the strength of the paper.
3. Increase the smoothness of the paper.
4. Complete the sizing of the paper.

The above is a brief introduction of 3600mm Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine drying part. Leizhan has over 30 years production experience,and we are specializing in making all kinds of paper machines and pulp equipment. Welcome to contact us about crescent former tissue paper making machine.
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