Hardwood Pulp Papermaking Machine

Hardwood pulp is also called softwood pulp or short fiber wood pulp. Hardwood pulp is a common pulp used in papermaking. It is mainly used in combination with softwood pulp to produce coated paper, light-coated paper, offset paper, etc. It can also be used alone to produce printing paper and writing paper. At present, newsprint is basically made of wood pulp as the main raw material.

Hardwood Pulp Features

1.Fiber: Hardwood pulp fibers are short and thick, and contain many impurities.
2.Lignin content: Hardwoods have about 20-40% less lignin than softwoods, so hardwoods are easier to pulp and bleach and require less alkali to consume.
3.Wood Density (Hardness): Hardwoods are denser than softwoods.

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