Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulping Line

In the key link of pulping production, Leizhan leads advanced technology and provides efficient solutions for the pulping industry. The inflow pressure screen we launched is specially designed for the fine screening of chemical pulp and waste paper pulp. It is also suitable for the selection of various types of pulp in front of the machine.

Features Of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. Outer rotation of the rotor: The unique design allows heavy impurities to flow away from the screen basket, preventing screen seam clogging and significantly extending the life of the screen basket.
2. Streamlined rotor: ensures smooth pulp flow and low pulse intensity, improving operational reliability.
3. It has a good separation effect on impurities and fiber bundles, and the screen seams are not easily blocked, ensuring efficient screening.
4. Equipped with automatic oiling device to reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

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