Leizhan High-speed Coating Board Paper Machine

The high-speed coating board paper machine is a technological innovation of Leizhan, which fully combines advanced paper making technology and coating technology. Through the precision coating system and high-speed production line, the rapid manufacturing of coated paper board is achieved and the production efficiency is improved.

High-speed Coating Board Paper Machine Technical Parameters

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp
Paper grade: coating board paper
Trimmed width: 2400-6600mm
Basis weight: 200-350g/㎡
Operating speed: 200-600m/min
Production capacity: 200-1400t/d

The flexibility of our coating board machine enables it to produce paper board with different specifications and requirements to meet the diverse needs of the market. Leizhan can customize paper machines with corresponding specifications according to customer needs. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Our email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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