Light Impurity Separator For Pulping Line

The light impurity separator is an advanced coarse screen treatment equipment developed by Leizhan for the waste paper pulping production line. It adopts the upflow pulp feeding method, and generates strong eddy currents through the high-speed rotating rotor to efficiently handle light impurities and tailing pulp in the coarse screen section.

Working Principle Of Light Impurity Separator For Pulping Line

1. The high-speed rotation of the rotor is used to form a strong vortex, which gathers light impurities in the center of the vortex and discharges them from the center port at the top of the housing.
2. The fiber bundles and pulp masses are further loosened between the bottom of the rotor and the screen plate, and the accept pulp is discharged from the accept pulp pipe through the screen plate.
3. Collect and remove heavy impurities: Heavy impurities are deposited in the sediment ditch outside the screen plate and discharged through the sediment tank to ensure that clean slurry is supplied to the subsequent pulping process.

The introduction of the light impurity separator not only improves the production efficiency of waste paper recycling, but also effectively reduces the impurity content in the waste paper. Welcome to contact us for more details about the light impurity separator.

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