Machines For Producing Cardboard And Board Paper

Cardboard and board paper are commonly used types of paper in the packaging industry. We supply machines for the production of cardboard and board paper, including pulping equipment: pulpers, cleaners, refiners, and paper machines and accessories such as headboxes, wire cylinder, dryers and reeling machine.

The Difference Between Cardboard And Board Paper

1. Different thickness: Cardboard refers to a kind of thick and thick paper with a large quantitative weight, which is a general term for a type of thick paper between board paper and cardboard.
2. Different uses: cardboard is used for postcards, cards, album backing paper, etc. , board paper is generally used to make packaging boxes and the like.
3. The price is different: the cardboard is more expensive.
4. Different density: The density of board paper is much lower than that of cardboard.

We provide production lines for cardboard and board paper, and our professionals will communicate with you the details and develop a plan. Welcome to email us.

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