Overfeed Rewinder by Leizhan

The overfeed rewinder by Leizhan represents a significant advancement in the field of paper rewinding technology. Designed to handle a wide range of paper grades and sizes, this machine excels in delivering precise rewinding performance with minimal downtime.

Features of Overfeed Rewinder by Leizhan

  1. Unlike traditional rewinders, the overfeed rewinder accommodates various paper grades and sizes effortlessly. Its adjustable settings ensure consistent rewinding quality across different types of paper, enhancing operational flexibility.
  2. Equipped with a sophisticated control system, this overfeed rewinder maintains tight control over tension and winding parameters. This feature not only improves paper product quality but also reduces waste during the rewinding process.
  3. Engineered for high-speed operation, the overfeed rewinder boosts production efficiency without compromising on quality. It enables paper mills to meet stringent deadlines and customer demands effectively.

Leizhan remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement in paper machinery technology. Welcome to contact us for more details about our overfeed rewinder. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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