Paper Machine Spare Part Doctor Blade

As an important part of the paper machine, the paper machine scraper has a key impact on the production efficiency and paper quality of the paper. As a professional supplier of pulp and papermaking machinery, Leizhan produces high-quality doctor blade to ensure smooth production of paper and improve paper quality.

Doctor Blade Features

1. Our doctor blade are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant high-quality materials to ensure good wear resistance and stability when scraping the paper surface, reducing the generation of paper dust and scratches.
2. The doctor blade is precisely adjusted to ensure that the angle between the scraper and the paper surface is appropriate to achieve efficient paper separation and coating effects and improve the smoothness and quality of the paper.
3. Our doctor blade are precision processed and optimized to withstand high paper speed and high pressure working environments, maintain stable working conditions, resist wear and tear, and extend service life.

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