Paper Plant Pulping Equipment Double Disc Refiner

Leizhan is committed to providing efficient and advanced paper making machinery and equipment to global paper manufacturers. Leizhan’s double disc refiner is suitable for all types of raw materials. According to the specific requirements of the pulping process, the double disc refiner can operate independently as a single unit, or multiple units can be used in series or parallel to adapt to the actual conditions of different paper mills.

Main Technical Parameters Of Double Disc Refiner

Diameter Of Plate (mm):380/450
Inlet mouth (mm):2-75
Outlet mouth (mm):80
Capacity (t/d):6-20/8-60
Inlet consistency (%):2-5
Inlet pressure (MPa):0.15—0.20
Power (kw):37/45/55,75/90/110

For paper making enterprises, the double disc refiner is not only a shortcut to improve paper quality and production efficiency, but also an essential tool to stand out in the fiercely competitive paper making market. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email

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