Paper Pulp Double Disc Refiner

Double disc refiner is a continuous beating equipment for papermaking pulping system. Double disc refiner has the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustment and convenient maintenance. This type of double disc refiner is composed of disc refiner main engine and coupling, bearing support, bottom plate, moving seat feeding mechanism and other parts. Leizhan shows some specifications.

Specifications Of Double Disc Refiner

1.Disc grinding diameter: Φ380-Φ450
2.Diameter of Disc: 380-450mm
3.Production Capacity: 6-60t/d
4.Concentration of InputPulp: 2-5%
5.Pressure of Input Pulp: 0.1-0.2Mpa

According to the requirements of the beating process, the double disc refiner can be used in series or in parallel with a single or multiple units. Leizhan can provide paper machines and complete pulping lines, welcome to inquire.

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