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The paper mill cylinder mold is a key link in the formation of paper from pulp on the paper machine. Its main function is to form a uniform paper wet paste while draining the pulp and dehydrating the fibers. The design and performance of the cylinder mold are directly related to the quality and production efficiency of the final paper.

Main Features Of Eco-friendly Paper Machine Filter Cylinder Mold

1. Advanced manufacturing processes and materials are used to ensure that the cylinder mold has good wear resistance and stability, and can adapt to different paper types and process requirements.
2. Provide customized cylinder mold design services to meet different paper specifications, production capabilities and process requirements.
3. Using advanced technology and materials, our cylinder mold are not only environmentally friendly, but can also improve the production efficiency of paper mills and achieve sustainable development

We have a professional research and development team and advanced paper making machinery manufacturing equipment to ensure the high quality and excellent performance of paper mill cylinder mold. Welcome to contact us for more.

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