Pulp Chest Agitator For Sale

In the paper manufacturing process, the pulp chest agitator is one of the most important pulping equipment. In order to ensure that the various components in the pulp are evenly distributed and improve the quality of the paper, we have launched a professionally designed pulp chest agitator

Advantages Of Pulp Chest Agitator

1. Our pulp chest agitator has a unique design with adjustable blade helix angle and strong adaptability. It not only helps to maintain the suspension state of the slurry, but also effectively saves energy and improves overall production efficiency.
2. In order to facilitate repair and maintenance, we specially designed an external bearing structure, which makes maintenance easier, reduces equipment maintenance costs, and extends service life.
3. The packing seal uses a wear-resistant chrome-plated bushing to ensure sealing performance, wear resistance and long service life, reducing the frequency of seal replacement.

Leizhan has specialized in the production of paper making machinery for more than 40 years and can provide customers with reliable pulping solutions. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about pulp chest agitator. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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