Pulp Conveying Paper Pulp Pump

Our pulp pump improve paper pulping efficiency through advanced design and technology. The precise pumping system ensures uniform delivery of pulp during the pulping process, minimizing waste in the pulping line, thereby reducing production costs.

Pulp Pump Main Technical Parameter

Type: 80-50-6
Flow rate:30-60m³/h
Lifts: 7-5m
Suction height: 2.5m
Speed: 1420r/min
Efficiency: 68%
Equipped with eletric motor type and power: Y100L1-2.2
Impeller diameter: 156mm

No matter the size of your pulping line, we provide tailor-made pulp pump solutions to ensure your pulping line continues to operate efficiently. Welcome to contact us for more details and price. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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