Pulp treatment Light Impurity Separator

The light impurity separator mainly has the functions of gathering light impurities, loosening the pulp, and collecting and removing heavy impurities in the pulp. Its shell is designed as an inverted cone with a concave and convex top structure to facilitate the formation of strong eddy currents, and is conducive to the effective discharge of light impurities and the settlement of heavy impurities.

Main Feature Of Light Impurity Separator

1. Upflow pulp feeding method, discharge tail pulp and light impurities from the center port at the top of the shell.
2. It is equipped with two upper and lower gate valves and adopts PLC automatic control system to discharge heavy impurities.
3. The pulp inlet pipe is equipped with a concentration control device to stabilize the pulp concentration.
4. Vertical cutterhead, the structure is more stable.

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