Reject Separator In Pulping Project Line

In pulp production, efficient reject separation is an indispensable part of the pulping process. The reject separator launched by Leizhan is a sharp tool in the pulping process. Through its excellent performance, it improves production efficiency, improves the working environment and reduces production costs.

Reject Separator Main Advantages

1. Using a specially designed rotor, strong centrifugal force is generated when rotating at high speed, which can completely loosen fibers and quickly separate impurities. It effectively improves the processing capacity of the waste paper pulp coarse screening system, thereby significantly increasing the overall production capacity.
2. The closed operating system of the reject separator ensures no pulp splashing, greatly improves the working environment and protects the health of operators.
3. The unique design ensures that the screen plate is not easily blocked during the continuous slag discharge process, ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment, and minimizes the stagnation time of the production line.

Our reject separator brings a new production experience to pulp production enterprises with its efficient, environmentally friendly and stable performance. Welcome to contact us for more detail.

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